Drug Companies

OK we get it; We are a young company that needs help and we are happy to help others along the journey too.

If you are an international drug company specialising in the veterinary sector and think a young entrepreneurial company can help your sales and distributions efforts in the UK, we would love to hear from you.

In particular, given our long association with Africa we realise that many drugs are not present in that part of the world. We are able to help bridge that gap and allow companies to enter the market.

Budding development geniueses

So here it is, we don’t believe that innovation only happens in the RD labs of the large drug companies “who knew“. We know the veterinary community is brimming with new ideas and formulations that could really help advance veterinary medicine and animal care, and we are keen to work with the community.

If you`re a vet or work in the profession and are thinking of a new drug development idea in the space, come and have a chat with us. We know we are a young company but our team has a lot of experience in the commercialisation of products. We can  help getting things of the ground and ideas validated.

We do this with our own pipeline, so we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls in the process. We are also backed by an entrepreneurial family that loves new ideas and is willing to help bridge a funding gap.

If you’d like to talk an idea through we are here to help…

Please drop us an email at

Time to Go

If your a family owned business in the veterinary sector and genuinely believe there’s more to life than money, but as a family want to divest your business. Please think about us, we are a young company that would love to continue the great work you’ve done and bring your families work into our own.