About Us

We are a young family owned business that has this

crazy idea it can be a drug company !

We are a young family business that has set its sight on becoming a veterinary drug company. We are founded by an entrepreneurial family that is working to increase access to low cost drugs for the veterinary market . We are adapting strategies and resources from the human drug world to give access to drugs to the veterinary world that are fit for purpose.

Our founding family has its roots in Africa and hence our name Kigelia Pharma.

If you browse through our site or get in touch with us you’ll realise we like to have fun and believe business should be fun! However we also realise that a good team will enable us to deliver our ambition. We have assembled some of the best people in the veterinary space to help us deliver on our promises and help us through our development pipeline.

We are huge believers in collaboration and our first drug in development is just that, through a great combination of skills and partners who are really helping us understand the space and sector. We can talk about them at this stage but watch this space ….

You’ve probably realised this about more than business for us, so take a look at our community section to see some of the fantastic organisations that we work with and support.